is it planned (would it be technically? possible?) to extend the functionality of BornAgain with allowing for the scattered X-rays intensity calculation in transmission geometry, that is, allowing for alpha_out < 0? - as performed in the Grazing Incidence Small-Angle X-ray Scattering in transmission geometry (GITSAXS, GTSAXS)? IsGISAXS allows doing that, hence I hope that this should not involve a major code modification, but it does not let me fit a collection of particles with different refraction indices... Also for the transmission geometry typically a simple Born Approximation is enough because the scattering is considered to be largely kinematic, as shown e.g. in here:

Thank you for the response

Hi, We currently do not support transmission, but this feature is in our issue tracker. This means that we plan to implement this at some point in the future. We will take your request into account and elevate the priority of this feature. As for using simple Born Approximation, this will not be necessary, since the transmitted intensity can easily be calculated from the bits and pieces we already have in our code (in DWBA). Best regards!


thanks a lot for your prompt answering and for your attention to the problem. I'll be looking forward then to see the transmission in the new releases of BornAgain, since that might facilitate greatly the interpretation of the results and ease the publishing. Cheers

I would also like to model the transmitted scattering, any idea on how an implementation of this is going?