The release of BornAgain-0.9.8 is available

The release of BornAgain-0.9.8 is now available.


  • Further GUI development toward first beta scheduled for October, 2014.
  • Implemented rotation of particles in GUI, real time simulation window.
  • Few bugfixes, minor refactoring in UserAPI.


  • Bug #741: ScalarSpecularInfoMapTest failing under Debian 32 bits
  • Bug #764: Memory leackage in mesocrystal simulation.
  • Bug #765: Genetic minimizer crashes for certain ROOT configurations
  • Bug #779: Transformations on core/shell are not being used
  • Feature #465: Organize BornAgain mail list with subscription
  • Feature #604: Implement QStandartItemModel hierarchy
  • Feature #682: Provide PlotWidget with x,y-axis in both, radians and degrees.
  • Feature #702: Implement position particle info equivalent in GUI
  • Feature #703: Implement rotation of particles in GUI
  • Feature #704: Implement Lattice2D interference function in GUI
  • Feature #736: Compile GUI under Windows with Qt5.3 and provide installer.
  • Feature #738: Perform new round of profiling and memory leackage investigation
  • Feature #746: Refactor GUI's OutputDataWidget to disantagle projections/property editor/plot widget.
  • Feature #747: Finalize QuickSimulationView.
  • Feature #748: Refactor IAxis family
  • Feature #763: Provide icon set for recent widgets
  • Feature #766: Propagate latest API changes (IAxis, IntensityDataIOFactory) into user manual.