BornAgain  1.19.0
Simulate and fit neutron and x-ray scattering at grazing incidence
Material Member List

This is the complete list of members for Material, including all inherited members.

getName() constMaterial
inverted() constMaterial
isDefaultMaterial() constMaterial
isEmpty() constMaterial
isMagneticMaterial() const (defined in Material)Material
isScalarMaterial() constMaterial
magnetization() constMaterial
Material(const Material &material) (defined in Material)Material
materialData() constMaterial
operator<< (defined in Material)Materialfriend
operator=(const Material &other) (defined in Material)Material
refractiveIndex(double wavelength) constMaterial
refractiveIndex2(double wavelength) constMaterial
rotatedMaterial(const Transform3D &transform) const (defined in Material)Material
scalarSubtrSLD(const WavevectorInfo &wavevectors) constMaterial