BornAgain  1.19.79
Open-source research software to simulate and fit neutron and x-ray reflectometry and grazing-incidence small-angle scattering


Classes and functions to describe magnetic and non-magnetic materials.


class  Material
 A wrapper for underlying material implementation. More...


Material MaterialBySLD ()
Material MaterialBySLD (const std::string &name, double sld_real, double sld_imag, R3 magnetization={})
Material RefractiveMaterial (const std::string &name, complex_t refractive_index, R3 magnetization={})
Material RefractiveMaterial (const std::string &name, double delta, double beta, R3 magnetization={})
Material Vacuum ()

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Material MaterialBySLD ( )

◆ MaterialBySLD() [2/2]

Material MaterialBySLD ( const std::string &  name,
double  sld_real,
double  sld_imag,
R3  magnetization = {} 

Constructs a wavelength-independent material with a given complex-valued scattering length density (SLD). SLD values for a wide variety of materials can be found on and By convention, SLD imaginary part is treated as negative by default, which corresponds to attenuation of the signal. With no parameters given, MaterialBySLD constructs default (vacuum) material with zero sld and zero magnetization.

namematerial name
sld_realreal part of the scattering length density, inverse square angstroms
sld_imagimaginary part of the scattering length density, inverse square angstroms
magnetizationmagnetization (in A/m)

◆ RefractiveMaterial() [1/2]

Material RefractiveMaterial ( const std::string &  name,
complex_t  refractive_index,
R3  magnetization = {} 

Constructs a material with name, refractive_index and magnetization (in A/m). Alternatively, $\delta$ and $\beta$ for refractive index $n = 1 - \delta + i \beta$ can be passed directly. With no parameters given, constructs default (vacuum) material with $n = 1$ and zero magnetization.

◆ RefractiveMaterial() [2/2]

Material RefractiveMaterial ( const std::string &  name,
double  delta,
double  beta,
R3  magnetization = {} 

◆ Vacuum()

Material Vacuum ( )