BornAgain  1.19.0
Simulate and fit neutron and x-ray scattering at grazing incidence
Beam Member List

This is the complete list of members for Beam, including all inherited members.

accept(INodeVisitor *visitor) const override (defined in Beam)Beam
Beam(double intensity, double wavelength, const Direction &direction) (defined in Beam)Beam
Beam(const Beam &other) (defined in Beam)Beam
direction() const (defined in Beam)Beam
footprintFactor() constBeam
getBlochVector() const (defined in Beam)Beam
getCentralK() constBeam
getChildren() const override (defined in Beam)Beam
horizontalBeam() (defined in Beam)Beamstatic
intensity() constBeam
operator=(const Beam &other) (defined in Beam)Beam
setDirection(const Direction &direction) (defined in Beam)Beam
setFootprintFactor(const IFootprintFactor &shape_factor)Beam
setInclination(const double alpha) (defined in Beam)Beam
setIntensity(double intensity)Beam
setPolarization(const kvector_t bloch_vector)Beam
setWavelength(double wavelength) (defined in Beam)Beam
wavelength() const (defined in Beam)Beam
~Beam() (defined in Beam)Beamvirtual