BornAgain  1.19.0
Simulate and fit neutron and x-ray scattering at grazing incidence
Beam Class Reference

An incident neutron or x-ray beam. More...

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Public Member Functions

 Beam (const Beam &other)
 Beam (double intensity, double wavelength, const Direction &direction)
void accept (INodeVisitor *visitor) const override
Direction direction () const
const IFootprintFactor * footprintFactor () const
 Returns footprint factor.
kvector_t getBlochVector () const
kvector_t getCentralK () const
 Returns the wavevector.
std::vector< const INode * > getChildren () const override
double intensity () const
 Returns the beam intensity in neutrons/sec.
Beamoperator= (const Beam &other)
void setDirection (const Direction &direction)
void setFootprintFactor (const IFootprintFactor &shape_factor)
 Sets footprint factor to the beam.
void setInclination (const double alpha)
void setIntensity (double intensity)
 Sets the beam intensity in neutrons/sec.
void setPolarization (const kvector_t bloch_vector)
 Sets the polarization density matrix according to the given Bloch vector.
void setWavelength (double wavelength)
double wavelength () const

Static Public Member Functions

static Beam horizontalBeam ()

Detailed Description

An incident neutron or x-ray beam.