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Lattice2D Class Referenceabstract

A two-dimensional Bravais lattice. More...

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struct  ReciprocalBases

Public Member Functions

 Lattice2D (const NodeMeta &meta, const std::vector< double > &PValues)
 Lattice2D (double xi)
virtual Lattice2Dclone () const =0
virtual double latticeAngle () const =0
virtual double length1 () const =0
virtual double length2 () const =0
ReciprocalBases reciprocalBases () const
double rotationAngle () const
void setRotationEnabled (bool enabled)
virtual double unitCellArea () const =0

Protected Member Functions

virtual void onChange ()

Protected Attributes

double m_xi

Detailed Description

A two-dimensional Bravais lattice.