This release has the following highlights:

  1. Off-specular simulation is now supported in the GUI.
  2. Support for materials defined by SLD.
  3. Specular simulation implemented in core library.
  4. New interface for simulation results now includes possible unit conversions.
  5. Python API: retrieve minimizer catalogue.
  6. Switched to Python 3.x as the default version.
  7. GUI: extensive refactoring to improve maintainability.
  8. GUI: possibility to add constant or Poisson background to simulations.
  9. GUI: Fourier transform of simulation results.
  10. GUI: beam polarization and polarization analysis are now supported.

API changes:

  1. Detector axes units (e.g. ba.IDetector2D.NBINS) now accessed through AxesUnits (e.g. ba.AxesUnits.NBINS).
  2. GUI project compatibility with previous versions is broken.

Other changes:

  1. Documentation: large part of website has been migrated to Hugo website
  2. Bugfix: BornAgain GUI no longer contains a limit on number of threads.
  3. Numerous other bugfixes.

More details on our issue tracker.

As always, we very much welcome your comments and feedback!

March 2, 2018