Current version is 21.2.


Self-contained, self-extracting installers are provided at

Installer version must be chosen according to locally installed Python version.

For detailed installation instructions, see


Supported operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11.

Supported architecture: x64 (x86_64, amd64).

Installers at

Instructions at


Supported operating systems: MacOS 11 and later.

Supported architectures: arm (M1) and x64 (x86_64, amd64).

Installers at and

Instructions at


Supported operating systems: Linux.

Supported architecture: x64 (x86_64, amd64). For other architectures, build from source.

Installers at

Instructions at

External packages

Python only

To install BornAgain for Python scripting only (no GUI), the simplest way is using the BornAgain Python “wheel” provided at the Python Package Index

On a system with Python3.8 or newer, use

python -m pip install bornagain
Linux: Debian package

A Debian/Ubuntu package is provided by external maintainers at After a fresh release, allow them some time to follow.

Build from source

The source repository is at

For build instructions, see