Much of this release was devoted to migrating our website to Hugo, allowing better automation and checking of online examples. The GUI has been extended with the possibility to perform specular simulations and in the sample view, a prototype 3D view of the sample is implemented.

This release has the following highlights:

  • First implementation of specular simulation in GUI.
  • DepthProbeSimulation for experiment preparation.
  • Documentation: remaining part of website has been migrated to Hugo website.
  • Beta version of 3d sample view.
  • Interference function for finite 2d lattices (core + GUI).
  • Interference function for a 2d superlattice.

No API changes

Other changes:

  • Fitting: first refactoring to bring it closer to generic Python fit interfaces.
  • Bugfixes.

More details on our issue tracker.

As always, we very much welcome your comments and feedback!

May 29, 2018