The main change this time is the recast user manual, available at link.

The manual now fully concentrates on the theoretical background of BornAgain, on the physical models and their implementation whereas the more mundane questions of software usage are exclusively covered by the online documentation.

The manual is still incomplete. Additional chapters will be published along with the next couple of software releases.

Summary of changes in the code:

  1. Kernel: support for polarized neutron scattering with polarization/analysis along different axes (no longer restricted to z-axis).
  2. GUI: new features in graphical user interface
    • GUI real time view us now saved in projects
    • Beam divergence can be exported to Python script
    • InstrumentView allows to change beam divergency with the help of fancy distribution viewer
    • JobView allows to normalize all selected jobs to the specific [min, max] to simplify intensity map comparison
  3. Various bug fixes

API changes:

  1. Renamed Simulation to GISASSimulation for consistency with other types of simulations.
  2. Removed ParticleInfo completely from the public API: position information is now contained in the Particle class.

More details on our issue tracker.

As always, we very much welcome your comments and feedback!

June 10, 2015