This time we have been working on a deep refactoring of the machinery related to the positioning and rotation of particles. As a result Particle, CoreShellParticle and ParticleComposition can be rotated and translated inside layers in a similar way. We wrote a few tutorials explaining the latest changes.

Summary of changes in the code:

  1. New functional test machinery to test all three domains simultaneously (C++, Pyton and GUI), covering more test cases in a more consistent way.
  2. Windows installer: for GUI use, python installation is no longer required
  3. GUI: added position/rotation to ParticleComposition and ParticleCoreShell and enabled adding ParticleComposition to another ParticleComposition
  4. GUI: possibility to open project files from older releases
  5. Various bugfixes

New tutorials:

  1. Particles positioning tutorial
  2. Particles rotation tutorial
  3. Particle composition tutorial
  4. Working with sample parameters tutorial (obsolete link)
  5. Introduction to fitting
  6. Basic fitting tutorial (GISAS 2D fits)

API changes:

  1. Removed depth from ParticleLayout::addParticle. New interface provides for abundance, position and possible rotation

More details on our issue tracker.

As always, we very much welcome your comments and feedback!

July 31, 2015