Release 21.0

BornAgain 21.0 has been released.

It brings mainly bug fixes and other small improvements, but also some functionality extension.

A loader for Motofit MFT data is provided, and the CSV loader is made more versatile. The Graphical sample editor got a button for copying sample elements. Python support is extended to 3.11.

All GUI project files and most Python scripts from release 20 will continue to work. There is one important change to Python scripting though: The line bp.parse_args(sim_n=...) has been removed from all examples, and support for argument sim_n will be dropped in some future release.

Examples have been moved to directory auto/Examples/, as developers generate them from internal sources (in directory rawEx/) using a macro processor.

Example varia/ now demonstrates plotting a magnetization profile besides the SLD profile.

This software release is accompanied by a new version of the BornAgain Physics Reference, a PDF document that describes some of the physics implemented in BornAgain.

Best greetings from the BornAgain maintainer team:

Ammar Nejati, Mikhail Svechnikov, Joachim Wuttke

August 16, 2023