Release 21.1

BornAgain 21.1 has been released.

It fixes a few issues in 21.0: In core,

  • correct simulation background,
  • disable yet unsupported alpha and lambda distributions in depth-probe and off-specular simulations,
  • correct surface detection in depthprobe simulation with averaged particle layer.

In the GUI,

  • restore full backward compatibility to 20.x,
  • reenable linking a specular instrument to loaded data,
  • correct q-units in 1D loader,
  • prevent crash on applying wavelength distribution in specular scan.

There are also some improvements in GUI, namely

  • show SLD units in the material editor,
  • change default minimizer and the objective metric to “genetic” and “log” correspondingly,
  • add new filtering options to 1D data loader.

All GUI project files and Python scripts from release 21 will continue to work.

Best greetings from the BornAgain maintainer team:

Ammar Nejati, Mikhail Svechnikov, Joachim Wuttke

October 19, 2023