Release 21.2

BornAgain 21.2 has been released.

A few issues in 21.1 has been fixed: In core,

  • importing bornagain in Jupyter environment
  • installing the MacOS-x64 Python wheel under conda platform
  • reading 2D CSV tables
  • cropping mechanism for 2D intensity field

and the GUI:

  • crashing in projection mode for REFSANS data

The following features are added to the core and GUI:

  • manual weighting for particle layouts
  • ’logdiff’ objective metric function

All GUI project files and Python scripts from release 21 will continue to work.

Best greetings from the BornAgain maintainer team:

Ammar Nejati, Mikhail Svechnikov, Joachim Wuttke

May 27, 2024