Status update: In the middle of deep overhaul

After release 1.19, published in March 2021, we started a deep overhaul of BornAgain. We are revising many parts our code base to facilitate maintenance and to prepare for new functionality. Much work remains to be done for the next major release, to be published later in 2022.

In the meantime, users need to choose which version of BornAgain to use:

Our online documentation is now versioned, and supports both 1.19.0 and git-main.

The current main branch differs from 1.19.0 in the following respects:

  • Installation:
  • Core functionality:
    • Minor additions and bug fixes.
    • Temporarily disabled support for parameter distributions, which needs to be deeply refactored.
  • Python API:
    • Renamed numerous classes to make things simpler or more consistent.
  • GUI:
    • Replaced the wired-boxes sample editor by a tree-and-table based one.
    • Provided versatile data loader.
  • Support:
    • Our team of three is working full-time on the further development of main. We strive to respond quickly to inquiries and bug reports.
    • Whereas for lack of ressources we can give only very limited support for 1.19.0.

Our advise to users is as follows:

  • Old users who are used to 1.19.0 should stay with that version until the next version is officially released.
  • New users who know that they soon will need parameter distributions have no choice but to install 1.19.0.
  • Otherwise new users better install the latest preview release or from git.

April 22, 2022