Install on Linux



As a prerequisite, Python must be installed. For the recommended installation under pyenv, see Python on Linux.


Our BornAgain binaries (pip package and installer) are built on Debian 11 and require glibc version 2.31 or higher.

To see which glibc version is available on your system, run

$ ldd --version

Versions for other Linux distributions can be seen at

Installation methods

as Python-only package

If the BornAgain GUI is not required as only Python scripting mode is to be used, then BornAgain can be installed as a Python package from the pip repository:

$ python -m pip install bornagain
as a Debian package

A BornAgain Debian/Ubuntu package (Python and GUI) is provided by external maintainers at

The only drawback is that versions may be lagging behind, in unstable by a couple of months, in stable by several years.

using our installer

A Linux installer for BornAgain (Python and GUI) can be downloaded from Choose the installer that fits your version of Python.

The installer is self-extracting and does not need root permission.

We recommend installation to a dedicated directory (here ~/ba):

$ chmod u+x # permit execution
$ --help # show options
$ ba_path='~/ba'
$ mkdir $ba_path
$ ./ --exclude-subdir --skip-license --prefix=$ba_path

Then the GUI can be executed:

$ cd $ba_path
$ ./bin/bornagain

The GUI package was tested with the standard X11 window system. If you are using the alternative Wayland window system, please let us know about your experience.