Install on Linux

BornAgain Python package is available in PyPI repository.

BornAgain GUI application is provided as 64-bit binary bundle.

Install BornAgain Python package

BornAgain Python package can be installed with pip:

$ python -m pip install bornagain

Install BornAgain GUI application

There are two ways to install BornAgain GUI on Linux:

The BornAgain Linux installer can be downloaded from Choose installer according to the version of Python, e.g.

The installer is self-extracting and does not need any root permissions.

It can be used as follows (here, installation root path is chosen to be ~/ba):

$ chmod +x  # permit execution
$ ba_path='~/ba'
$ mkdir $ba_path  # make a deliberate installation path 
$ ./ --exclude-subdir --skip-license --prefix=$ba_path

and then, the GUI can be executed:

$ cd $ba_path
$ ./bin/bornagain

A description of available options can be displayed with

$ --help

The GUI package was tested with the standard X11 window system. If you are using the alternative Wayland window system, please let us know about your experience.