Install on MacOS

BornAgain GUI application for macOS is provided as 64-bit .dmg installer.

BornAgain Python package is available in PyPI repository and can be installed with pip. This package is required for running scripts or importing them into the GUI application.

To install and run BornAgain for the first time proceed with the following steps:

Install Python

The installer for appropriate version of Python can be downloaded from

Choose Python version according to the compatibility table:

BornAgain version Supported Python versions
20.0 3.8 to 3.10

Run the installer and follow the steps.

Ensure that pip package manager is checked for installation. Command

$ python3 -m ensurepip

will install pip if it is missing.

Alternative way

If the system is already equipped with Homebrew (recommended) or MacPorts package managers, Python can be installed from the terminal.

For Homebrew users:

$ brew install python3

For MacPorts users (assuming Python version 3.9)

$ sudo port install python39
$ sudo port select --set python3 python39

Install BornAgain Python package

BornAgain Python package in available in the public repository and can be installed with pip:

$ python3 -m pip install bornagain

Install BornAgain GUI application

The BornAgain installer can be downloaded from Its type must match the processor architecture, e.g. BornAgain-20.2-python3.9-mac_x64.dmg or BornAgain-20.2-python3.9-mac_arm.dmg.

After downloading the installer, double click .dmg file to mount it, accept the license agreement and then drag the BornAgain icon onto the Applications shortcut icon.

Depending on your system’s security settings you might not be able to open BornAgain directly from the Launchpad. In this case, search Apple help pages for something like “Open a Mac app from an unidentified developer”.