Let us know if you encounter a problem installing or running BornAgain, or if you have a question about BornAgain models or numerics.

You may contact us in private by email, or in public by submitting an issue to our issue tracker. External users need to self-register to get write access to our git manager Jugit, as described at computing.mlz-garching.de/tech/jugit-login.

Public conversation has the advantage that solved issues, over time, will form a worldwide readable, and searchable, data base.

Use the issue tracker to
  • report bug
  • request help with problems in installing or running BornAgain
  • propose a new feature
  • ask a question about BornAgain API or model implementations
Create issue

Especially for bug reports, supply all relevant information that may help us to analyse the issue. In particular, submit the full output of the last, unsuccessful command. Provide a screen copy, or use the redirection [command] >& [logfile].

We very much welcome your feedback!