Scattering length density (SLD) profile

The scattering length density (SLD) profile of a BornAgain sample model can be retrieved with the function materialProfile from the BornAgain submodule sample_tools.

The submodule can be accessed through the statement

from bornagain import sample_tools.

The function can be called as

zpoints, slds = sample_tools.materialProfile(sample, n)

with the input arguments

  • sample is a user-defined sample model,
  • n is the number of points on the z axis for which the SLD is to be computed

and the output values

  • zpoints, an array of z values,
  • slds, an array of complex SLD values at the depths given by zpoints.

The output can be plotted e.g. with the MatPlotLib command

matplotlib.pyplot.plot(zpoints, np.real(slds)).

For full examples, see