Class ParticleLayout

A Layer may contain any number of instances of class ParticleLayout. If a layer has more than one layout, then their scattering intensities add incoherently.

Create an instance and add particles

To create a particle layout and add kinds of particles, use

layout = ba.ParticleLayout()
layout.addParticle(particle, abundance)

For the particle argument, see Particle.

If the abundance argument is omitted, then the abundance will be taken from the particle, which by default has an abundance of 1.

If there is one single kind of particles, then the addParticle call can be replaced by a constructor call with particle argument:

layout = ba.ParticleLayout(particle)
Set properties

To set an inter-particle structure, use


For the argument, see Particle assemblies.

To set the total particle surface density (in units of nm$^{-2}$), use