Install on Linux

BornAgain is available as a Debian/Ubuntu package at

A self-contained binary installer is also produced for the major Linux distributions and their derivatives (like Debian, Ubuntu, ArchLinux, Manjaro, Fedora) and can be downloaded as a GitLab artifact. The installer includes all the libraries required for BornAgain, its Python package (‘wheel’), plus additional libraries and plugins for the GUI. Note that the GUI is known to work on the X11 graphics platform, but Wayland is not tested yet; if you are using a Wayland platform, please let us know about your experience with BornAgain.

The installer is self-extracting and does not need any root permissions.

The installer (e.g., can be used as follows (here, installation root path is chosen to be /tmp/ba):

$ chmod +x  # permit execution
$ ba_path='/tmp/ba'
$ mkdir $ba_path  # make a deliberate installation path
$ ./ --exclude-subdir --skip-license --prefix=$ba_path

and then, the GUI can be executed:

$ cd $ba_path
$ ./bin/bornagain

The installer provides also a small help for its options; use the following to obtain a description of the available options:

$ --help

For other distributions, see build instructions.