Run a first simulation

This section explains how to run a first simulation.

Post installation steps

If a Python package is produced in the build phase, then after installation, the Python package (‘wheel’) can be found under the folder <install_dir>/python/<python-version>/wheel. The wheel can be installed via pip; for instance

python3 -m pip install BornAgain-<detailed-version>.whl


pip3 install BornAgain-<detailed-version>.whl

Running the first Python simulation

In your installation directory you will find the following directory structure:

|-- bin                   - Links to executables
|-- include
|   |-- BornAgain-git-main    - C++ headers for development purposes
|-- lib
|   |-- BornAgain-git-main    - The BornAgain libraries
|-- share
|   |-- BornAgain-git-main
|       |-- Examples      - Directory with examples

Run an example and enjoy your first BornAgain simulation plot.

python <install_dir>/share/BornAgain-git-main/Examples/scatter2d/

Running the BornAgain GUI

The BornAgain application can be run by executing following command

$ <install_dir>/bin/bornagain