TIFF data format

Before loading the main binary data, BornAgain reads the following metadata tags from tiff file:

If any of these tags is not found, an error message will be shown.

The requirement to values of the tags are following:

  • BitsPerSample should be 8, 16 or 32.
  • SamplesPerPixel should be 1, which means grayscale image with one channel, corresponding to signal intensity.
  • SampleFormat should be 1, 2 (integer numbers) or 3 (floating-point numbers). SampleFormat==3 requires value of BitsPerSample==32.

Checking tags

File tags can be checked by external utilites.

In Linux there are tiffinfo from libtiff

$ tiffinfo file.tiff

or identify from imagemagic

$ identify -verbose file.tiff

In Windows AsTiffTagViewer can be used.

Alternatively, online services can show metadata tags.

Unsupported tiff formats

If there is a case of tiff data file that is not yet supported, please contact us and provide the example.