Core-and-shell particle

To construct a particle made of a core and a shell, use

composite_particle = ba.CoreAndShell(core, shell, core_position=R3())

where core and shell typically are simple particles generated by the Particle constructor.

The optional argument core_position can be used to adjsut the position of the core particle. It is equivalent to a prior call

core = core_raw.translate(core_position)

Note that core must be fully contained in shell. The scattering is computed as the coherent sum of the scattering from shell and core where the scattering power of the latter has been modified by subtracting the scattering power of the shell material.


Prior to BornAgain1.19.80, the constructor ParticleCoreShell had the opposite argument order, namely (shell, core).


See Core-and-shell example. Validated through an alternative implementation that uses particle composition, Examples/scatter2d/ .